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Frequently Asked Question


Q: How much does it cost to show?

A: $20 at the gate or online

Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

A: We accept cash or card.

Q: When can I enter the car show?

A: Gate open at 10am

Q: How much does it cost to spectate?

A: Spectators are free to enter

Q: Can I fly my drone for pictures?

A: We have a licensed drone pilot for our event, no other drones will be allowed.

Q: What does it take to vote in the car show?

A: Any paid car show entry can vote in the car show.

Q: As a car show entry, how do I check in?

A: If you have not pre-registered: Visit the registration table and bring the ticket you got at the entry gate.

Q: Can I setup a quikshade near my show car?

A: Yes you may, please minimize the space you occupy and be courteous to neighbors!


Q: How much are tickets?


Thunder bolt racing fuel:

1 ticket for $5

5 tickets for $20

General raffle ticket:

5 tickets for $10

10 tickets for $15

20 tickets for $20

Q: When/where is the raffle?

A: Tickets will be drawn at 12pm. This will happen at the DJ booth.

Q: Do I have to be present to win.

A: Yes, we will draw another ticket if one is not claimed.

Q: Where do I get raffle tickets?

A: Visit the raffle/prize table or pre-purchase at a discount with your pre-registration.

 Q: When/where do I claim my raffle prize?

A: Right when they are drawn!


Q: Where do I find the bathroom?

Q: Where do I buy refreshments or food?

A: Please visit the mall! There is a full food court, water fountains and bathrooms.

Q: Can I save a spot in the car show / designated parking area for a friend?

A: Your friends need to enter with you. We do not allow spots to be reserved.

Q: Where can I smoke/vape?
A: Please smoke or vape on the public sidewalk on Monterey Ave.

Q: Is alcohol, marijuana or other drugs allowed at this event?

A: This event is a drug and alcohol free. We are not licensed for public consumption.